2010 Convention Seminar Descriptions

You may choose from five different seminar tracks. Each track has Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon sessions.

Track 1—Non-Profits

Leadership in the New Millenium—Getting to the Bottom of Leadership When You’re at the Top  by Ken Turpen
Every non-profit leader faces challenges that range from managing personnel to leading the governing board. This discussion-oriented session will present ideas on how to meet the personal and professional challenges associated with leading a non-profit ministry.

Fundraising Basics for Ministries—Understanding Boards, Direct Mail, and How to Raise Funds for Just About Anything!  by Ken Turpen
Have you ever wondered why other organizations are successful in raising money to support their ministry and you haven’t quite figured it out? This fast-paced session will give you 10 key strategies you can employ to be successful in communicating your mission and tapping into philanthropic support. Come prepared to hear some new ideas and to share your toughest challenges.

Ken Turpen is associate vice president for development in the Division of Institutional Advancement at The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College in Brownsville, Tex. Ken has more than 18 years of experience in philanthropy and as an administrator in nonprofit organizations.  He has expertise and holds professional certification in all areas of fundraising, including major gifts, capital campaigns, planned giving, annual giving and alumni relations. He also has experience in training nonprofit leaders and boards, and is a frequent speaker worldwide on fundraising, foundation leadership, strategic planning and program development. 


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions  by Steven Grabiner
The ability to make wise decisions is essential to a successful life and a successful ministry. Good decision-making is not an accident, but a skill that can be learned, honed and perfected. This seminar will show you how to avoid common mistakes in both personal and ministry related decision-making processes. Take hold of the tools necessary to strengthen your decision-making capabilities.

Steven Grabiner provides training and consulting to non-profit leaders and teams around the world. He has more than 20 years of pastoral and leadership experience. Grabiner currently lives with his wife, Vivian, in Collegedale, Tenn., where he serves as executive vice president for Outpost Centers International.


How to Get Your ASI Project Funded—Or At Least Increase Your Chances by Harold Lance
As a ministry leader, perhaps you’ve wondered how and whether your ministry may obtain project funding from ASI. This seminar will help you assess your ministry’s eligibility for ASI funding, and share with you the basics of how to effectively apply for funding.

Harold Lance is a retired trial lawyer who served as president of Outpost Centers International for nine years and president of ASI for three terms. Presently, he is  chairman and president of of ASI Missions, Inc, the arm of ASI that evaluates and recommends projects for ASI special project funding.

Track 2—Business

For Such a Time as This—A Business Plan You Can Live With!  by Dene Sue Ross
This engaging, timely and thought-provoking presentation addresses God’s divine appointments for you as a Seventh-day Adventist business owner or professional—specifically targeting effective strategies for the troublesome times in which we live. It will cover strategic positioning in the workplace, how to capitalize on business assets and career “currency”, and how to adopt a radical approach to changing your current business model by shifting priorities and overcoming common “thinking errors.”  Learn practical ways to assess both financial and spiritual profit and loss, develop a truly successful professional identity, deal with today’s greatest form of workplace persecution, and experience a thriving transformation.

Dene Sue Ross is founder and president of Write Way, Inc., a contract technical documentation and training firm located in Boise, Ida. She is a veteran writer, professional trainer, and business topics presenter.  A long-time ASI member, Dene Sue enjoys sharing her dynamic workplace witnessing perspective and innovative strategies with other Adventist businessmen and women.


Creating Value, Making a Difference: Adventist Mission and Entrepreneurial Business Education by John Thomas  (no description provided)

John Thomas is dean of the School of Business and Management and Bashir Hasso Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at La Sierra University in Riverside, Calif. A creative thinker committed to integrity, compassion, and social entrepreneurship, Thomas has led La Sierra University's business school in radically redefining its mission to incorporate a focus on global service and entrepreneurial creativity, and in identifying distinctive market niches ideally suited to its traditions, commitments, and capacities. He is an effective administrator, teacher, and scholar who has spearheaded ambitious fundraising efforts and championed innovative academic and co-curricular programs. Thomas holds a doctorate in political economy and master’s degrees in marketing, finance, and political economy. A member of La Sierra University's business faculty since 1988, he has taught courses in entrepreneurship, management, economics, and finance, and has received numerous teaching awards.


6 Secrets to Success in Business and Beliefs by Barbara Taylor & Wayne Atwood
How do you mold your business and beliefs for success? This seminar will present motivating, creative, and powerful tips on setting up your business, keeping on track, developing skills, energizing yourself and your employees, planning your presentation, giving attention to details, developing healthy attitudes and ensuring strong profits. All within the context of "Sharing Christ in the Marketplace" and the "Three Angels Message." It can be done!

Barbara Taylor attended the University of Denver and has worked professionally in international sales and marketing for the past 30 years. She taught a course entitled “Professional Women in Sales and Marketing” at the University of Colorado, and was selected by Corporate Connection magazine as one of six “Women to Watch in the 90s.” Barbara resides in Copper Mountain, Colo., where she is helping to plant a church.

Wayne Atwood lives in Québec, Canada, where he has been a business owner and entrepreneur. He is currently president of Better Living (Mieux Vivre), a supporting ministry that produces French radio and television programs. He and his wife Isabelle are the parents of three children. Wayne is a long-time member of ASI and is passionate about sharing Christ in his marketplace.


Managing Business Finances in the End Time  by Ed Reid
Christian business financial management is quite unique as compared with the worldly perspective. When you factor in the end-time component, it is even more unique. Using inspired principles, this seminar will outline a management style that will give true success. Someday soon Jesus will say to the faithful, “Well done, good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.” Learn to view your business from God’s perspective.

Ed Reid is the stewardship director of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. He is an ordained minister and licensed attorney, and is certified as a teacher and counselor by Crown Financial Ministries and by the Christian Stewardship Association. He has served the church extensively in teaching, pastoral ministry, evangelism, and departmental positions. Reid has done considerable study, written and taught on the topics of Christian money management and eschatology. His books, It’s Your Money, Isn’t It?, Even At The Door, Sunday’s Coming and Ready or Not have all been best-sellers at the Adventist Book Centers. He and his wife, Kathy, have two grown children, Andrew and Melissa.

Track 3—Evangelism

Reaching Hearts in Secular Nations by Viriato Ferreira, M.D.
This seminar will change your paradigms concerning "needs" and "spirituality vs. religiosity." It will examine Christ's method of personal evangelism in well-developed nations that are often labeled "secular" and "irreligious." Dr. Ferreira brings a wealth of experience in recognizing needs, opening hearts, touching lives and restoring hope through a caring attitude and close interaction with people. He will teach you how personal evangelism can become as natural as breathing.

Viriato Ferreira, M.D., grew up in Africa and Europe. He and his wife, Judith, also a physician, and three children have worked in Southern Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. After years of mission service in Africa, they began to recognize the often overwhelming suffering and pain experienced by people in developed nations of Europe and North America. In 2002, the family started a pioneer lifestyle clinic in Portugal—the first Adventist inpatient medical facility in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. They have promoted health expos throughout Europe, where more than 150,000 have been touched by their ministry. Ferreira is president of the Portuguese Association of Preventive Medicine, co-presenter of "Live Healthy" on It Is Written Canada, and director of health ministries for the Euro-Africa Division.


Truth Be Told by Brandon Westgate
As a pastor, Westgate has preached many sermons designed to stir up the saints to go out and witness. He realized one day that he really had not given them any effective tools to work with. This seminar will give you those tools needed to greatly increase your effectiveness in witnessing for Jesus without sacrificing Bible truth.

Brandon Westgate graduated in 2004 from Southwestern Adventist University with a degree in theology. He served in two districts before being asked to serve as youth director for the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. A devoted husband and father of two, he has a strong conviction in the soon return of Jesus and desires to share the good news with everyone he meets.


Gaining Decisions for Christ  by Louis Torres
Have you given Bible studies and been disappointed and disheartened by responses to your efforts? Have you expected your Bible study prospects to ask, “Where is the baptistery?” but instead they respond with a casual, “Thanks, but no thanks”? Would you like to know what to look for and how to detect when a person is truly interested? Would you like to be able to identify signs that the Holy Spirit is effectively working in another person’s heart? Those are the questions that will be explored in this seminar.

Louis Torres is a pastor, evangelist, international lecturer, musician and author. Over the past three decades, he has trained hundreds to become effective soul winners, pastors, Bible workers, and evangelists. Torres previously has served as director of training and evangelism for ASI and vice president for Amazing Facts. He and his wife, Carol, are co-founders of Mission College of Evangelism. Currently, he is president of Guam-Micronesia Mission. He is the author of Gaining Decisions for Christ, Great Stories For Gaining Decisions, Bothersome and Disturbing Bible Passages, and Left Behind or Sincerely Taken.


Reaching Islam Made Simple by Stephen Dickie
In November 2001, Stephen Dickie visited Central Asia and discovered that the Muslims venerate the Bible prophet Daniel. That experienced opened to him and his wife the world of Islam. In 2004, he returned to Central Asia to present to an overflow crowd an evangelism series based on the books of Daniel and Revelation. He recorded that experience in his book, Islam, God’s Forgotten Blessing. In this seminar, he shares principles he has learned along the way about reaching those of the Muslim faith.

Stephen Dickie has been an ASI member since 1985. He taught a seminar on how to present Revelation seminars at a Mid-America ASI chapter meeting one year, and that experience changed his life. In 1993, he and his wife sold their business and have been in full-time lay mission work ever since.

Track 4—Spiritual Growth

Growing Faith by Scott Moore
Faith is the "substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen." Faith should be tangible, not ethereal. This seminar will teach you how Jesus grew His faith and how we are to grow ours. A "growing" topic that you won't want to miss!

Scott Moore is a husband, father and passionate soul winner for Jesus Christ. His passion is inspiring and instructing lay members to become involved in active soul winning. Moore is the director of LIFE (Lay Institute for Evangelism), which is coordinating ASI’s Youth for Jesus program for the first time this year.


Come Search With Me—Let’s Look For God  by Subodh Pandit
This seminar has brought atheists, agnostics, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists to see that honest inquiry clearly leads to the unmatched claims of the Bible and its lead character, Jesus. Full of facts, quotes and a step-wise logic, it is a persuasive picture of the Book and the Man. You will shift from a timid, unsure stance to one that is humble, yet confident and unashamed of a priceless treasure.

Subodh Pandit, MD, born and raised in India, is a licensed, board certified physician from North Carolina. His twenty-year search for a reason to believe led him through the questions of atheism, post-modernism and pluralism onto a unique method of comparing the five great world religions.


Divine Healing by Mark Finley
This seminar will discuss God’s plan to heal His people and answer such questions as, If you have enough faith will you always be healed? Why are some people healed and others not? Is sickness always the result of violation of health laws? What is the role of anointing in healing and what are the principles if you are called to anoint someone? What is the difference between genuine and counterfeit healing? How can one experience God’s presence if they are not healed and bring glory to His name? During the seminar we will explore the Biblical Principles of health and healing in a deeper way.

Mark Finley, a Connecticut native, became a vice president at the 2005 General Conference Session in St. Louis after serving nearly two years as general field secretary at the world headquarters, where he directed the Center for Global Evangelism. Finley retired from full-time service at the 2010 General Conference Session in Atlanta. Evangelism is where Finley made his mark on the world, presenting more than 150 evangelistic meeting series around the globe in about 80 countries with baptisms numbering in the thousands. He is best known as a television speaker for Experience Hope, It Is Written, and numerous NET evangelism satellite broadcast series. He uses his preaching and evangelism gifts to teach others in seminars, field schools and evangelism institutes. He has written more than 70 books, as well as seminar presentations, major evangelistic series sermons, teaching manuals and magazine articles. His recorded seminars and series are available for purchase in various media formats. He also writes a Bible study lesson published monthly in Adventist World. Finley and his wife, Ernestine "Teenie," have teamed up in ministry throughout the years and are the parents of three grown children: Deborah, Rebecca and Mark Jr. He also has two grandchildren.


Jesus Psychology: Inner Healing According to the Wonderful Counselor  by Jennifer Schwirzer
"Psychology" and "psychotherapy" simply mean "the study of the soul" and "the healing of the soul." The Bible has much to say about both. No one knows the heart of man like God does. This seminar provides a user-friendly guide to the principles of Biblical psychology, along with practical help for common problems such as depression, excessive guilt, anxiety, addiction and low self-worth.

Jennifer Schwirzer is a practicing mental health counselor, author, speaker and musician residing in Philadelphia, Penn. She loves Jesus and people, in that order.

Track 5—Health

The Transforming Power of Our Health Message: Good News About Re-engineering Genetic Health Risk  by Wes Youngberg & Karen Houghton
The Seventh-day Adventist church has been entrusted with a health message that has unprecedented potential to transform sickness into health and literally re-engineer genetic risk. Youngberg and Houghton will present the latest research on strategies and foods that can turn off bad genes and turn on good ones. Holistic strategies that highlight the balance and synergy found in the Ministry of Healing are presented to show how the church can become a center of transformational healing. This seminar presents great hope and good news to share that will attract millions more to Jesus this year.

Wes Youngberg earned a doctorate in clinical preventive care and a master’s degree in nutrition from Loma Linda University. He has served as clinical assistant professor at LLU, is a certified nutrition specialist, and is a founding director for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. From 1994 to 2008 he served as a medical missionary in the Western Pacific where he was director of the Guam Seventh-day Adventist Clinic Wellness Center. Currently, he is director of the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic & Wellness Center for the Rancho Family Medical Group. Youngberg is co-author of the WIN! Wellness health evangelism materials, writes the "Healthy Choices" column for the Adventist Review, guest hosts Hope Channel's Naturally Gourmet with Karen Houghton, and has 20 years of clinical experience using integrative therapies for diabetes control, depression recovery, cardiovascular disease reversal, and effective management of many chronic health conditions. He has produced various DVD video series, including Transforming Sickness into Health and Controlling Cravings with Contentment. Youngberg and his wife, Betsy, have three children and live in Temecula, Calif.

Karen Houghton is a registered nurse and health educator from Fallbrook, Calif. She and her husband, Dan, operate a ministry called Hart Research Center. Karen has conducted many cooking and health classes over the last 15 years in Southern California and Arizona. She discovered the benefits of a healthy diet early in her life and decided that healthy food could be very tasty. Her husband and sons have been quite pleased with her passion for good tasting food! Karen’s new cooking show, Naturally Gourmet, began airing on the Hope Channel in April 2010. Her cookbook, also called Naturally Gourmet, was released at the same time. Both have received great reviews.


Overcoming—Gaining the Victory  by Chad & Fadia Kreuzer
This seminar will examine fundamentals of bad habits and how to overcome them. How are habits formed and how can they be changed? Many struggle with a variety of habits ranging from anger, lack of forgiveness, lust, substance addiction, repetitive unhealthy thoughts and a host of other vices. In this seminar, you’ll learn scientific, health, and Biblical principles that aid in the victory over bad habits.

Chad & Fadia Kreuzer teach seminars on health, the Bible, overcoming habits, and the creation vs. evolution debate. They have taught in Europe and throughout North America. They also have a video ministry called Anchor Point Films. They produced several documentary series, including Scripture Mysteries.


How To Improve Your Memory and Intelligence by Neil Nedley
This seminar will uncover the latest scientific research in the exploding area of memory and intelligence. Dr. Nedley will also explain how to prevent age-related dementia or diminishing memory. He will present ideas for how parents can foster an environment that develops great thought leaders for the next generation. Much of the information presented will be from Nedley’s upcoming book, The Lost Art of Thinking—30 Strategies to Reach Peak Mental Performance.

Neil Nedley, MD, is a full-time practicing physician in Internal Medicine with emphases in preventive medicine, gastroenterology, and the difficult to diagnose patient. He has provided continuing medical education courses to physicians and health professionals, and has given numerous health education seminars to general public audiences around the world. Nedley is author of Proof Positive: How to Reliably Combat Disease and Achieve Optimal Health through Nutrition and Lifestyle, now in its fourth printing, and Depression‑The Way Out. His Depression Recovery Program is highly effective in treating both depression and anxiety. He also conducts training-the-trainer programs in mental health and is president of Weimar Center of Health and Education, located outside of Sacramento, Calif. Nedley is an instrument rated pilot. He and his wife, Erica, have four boys. Together they enjoy flying, bicycling, mountain hiking, snow skiing, tennis, and performing or listening to good sacred or classical music.


Sharing Christ in the Medical Realm by John Chung & Phil Mills
We cannot all be physicians, but we can all be medical missionaries. Help, sympathy, prayer, and simple suggestions for health open the doors of homes and hearts to the gospel. This seminar will inspire you and provide with ideas for reaching out to your neighbors with the gospel.

John Chung, MD, is a dermatologist practicing in Dalton, Ga. His favorite time of the week is Wednesday nights when gives Bible studies to non-Adventists in his home. As a result, many have been baptized and joined the church.

Phil Mills, MD, is a dermatologist practicing in Northern Georgia. He has found that sharing Christ with colleagues and patients is the most rewarding part of the practice of medicine.