(See musician bios below.)

Ouachita Hills String Quartet
     Nathan Fender - 1st Violin
     Sofia Tsatalbasidis - 2nd Violin
     Ken Kawakami - Viola
     Michael Smith - Cello
     Raquel Soler - Piano
Steffens Family Men's Trio

Naomi Jackson

Aubrey Seiler, Emily Beth and Chelsea Bond (trio)
Sheldon Lee
Christine Martins

Ouachita Hills Academy Men's Choir
NAPS Choir
Christian Berdahl

FRIDAY MORNING - 9:00 a.m.
Nicole Toledo & Karine Sanchez
Ron Woolsey

FRIDAY EVENING - 6:30 p.m.
Advent Hymn Sing with Julie Penner

FRIDAY EVENING - 7:00 p.m.
Youth For Jesus
Marlene & David Colburn

SABBATH SCHOOL - 9:00 a.m.
Restoration Singers

SABBATH WORSHIP - 10:45 a.m.
Advent Brass
Restoration Singers

Ouachita Hills Academy Choir (acc. Josh Yang)
Neville Peter
Jennifer LaMountain (Tyson Hall - piano; Jim Closser & William Guthrie - trumpet; Marlene Colburn - violin)
ASI Choir

David & Marlene Colburn
Paco Rodriguez (acc. Dave Colburn - piano; Virginia Oliver - organ)
ASI Singers


DAVE AND MARLENE COLBURN, pianist and violinist respectively, are known for their refreshing sacred instrumental music.  They are frequently featured on 3ABN along with sharing sacred concerts in churches and for various functions throughout the country. Dave and Marlene's greatest desire is that hearts may be touched with the compassion, the power, and the intimacy of God’s love through their testimony of God's leading and most of all through their music. Four recordings are distributed through Chapel Records and available at the Colburn's website: www.colburnministry.com.

NAOMI JACKSON began her music ministry with mission work in mind. Although she studied music at Andrews University, it took prompting from a singer-songwriter friend fowr her to realize that God had given her musical gifts to support the spreading of the Gospel on foreign fields. She serves as the director of public relations for VIDA internacional, an OCI- and ASI-member ministry located in Honduras, and tours with the ministry CD as often as possible. Contact her at www.vida-internacional.org and info@vida-internacional.org.

JENNIFER LAMOUNTAIN has sung for thousands worldwide. From her first church solo at age 3 to regular appearances on religious television and worldwide satellite programming, Jennifer inspires listeners around the globe. With a new album and a busy touring schedule, Jennifer is energized about sharing God's love with those who seek greater purpose and happiness in their lives. She draws her listeners to the very heart of Jesus through her vocal performances. Together, Jennifer and her husband, Lynell, continue to  discover what this journey with Christ is all about. Contact her through Morning Song Music Group at 800-621-3059.

CHRISTINE MARTINS is a homeschooler from North Florida with a passion for the violin. She started taking violin lessons seven years ago and is currently enrolled in Wildwood Institute’s online medical missionary course. She plans on serving God in the medical field while also blessing people with her musical talents. Her accompanist, Peter Orta, is a family friend and a very talented and accomplished pianist. He is pursuing a major in biology at the University of Florida.

NAPS is a nonprofit youth organization based in Alabama. NAPS ministers by meeting people's needs and using this as a wedge to teach God's Word. NAPS not only assists in distant countries like Haiti after the earthquake, and Sri Lanka after the tsunami, but also helps in the United States in meeting the needs of victims and communities after such tragedies as Sandy Hook in Connecticut. NAPS has been featured on 3ABN and is also a member of ASI. This is NAPS Years of Dedication team number 9, a group of young people who are committed to the work of the Lord. Ranging in age from 18 to 25, they have come together from all over the world. Each member has dedicated a year of their education to serve and share with the world the last day message. They have traveled the country visiting schools, juvenile detention centers, and prisons, also spreading the truth through literature evangelism. They have also offered relief services to those suffering from the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy and the Oklahoma tornadoes, and have lifted up the name of Jesus in Guyana, South America. They finished off their year of service presenting summer programs for children and helping to build of a wellness center in Southern Alabama, followed by working with ASI's Youth For Jesus team in Central Florida. Visit www.napsoc.org or call 256-262-7712 for more information about NAPS.

The OUACHITA HILLS MALE CHORUS is composed of students and alumni from Ouachita Hills Academy and College in Amity, Arkansas. On Thursday evening, they will perform a piece entitled "Here is Love," describing the unfathomable love of God.
The OUACHITA HILLS TOURING CHOIR is a 21 person choir composed of students and alumni from Ouachita Hills Academy and College in Amity, Arkansas. They will perform a piece entitled "Just Imagine" for the Saturday afternoon program.
The OUACHITA HILLS STRING QUARTET is composed of four students from Ouachita Hills Academy and College in Amity, Arkansas. They will play a rendition of “No More Night” on Wednesday evening. The members are 1st Violin: Nathan Fender; 2nd Violin: Sofia Tsatalbasidis; Viola: Ken Kawakami; Cello: Michael Smith; Piano: Raquel Soler.
OUACHITA HILLS is a private Seventh-day Adventist educational institution consisting of both a 9th through 12th grade boarding academy and a four-year liberal arts college. Located on 421 acres in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, Ouachita Hills endeavors to combine strong academics, practical vocational training, and opportunities for service that equip students with the tools needed to live a life of service. Visit www.Ouachitahills.org or call 870-342-6210 for more information.

JULIE PENNER grew up in a family of singers that includes four brothers and a sister. She earned her bachelor's degree in vocal education from the University of Idaho, and obtained her master's degree in vocal performance and literature from Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. She went on to earn her doctorate in vocal performance and pedagogy from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley. Julie has performed as a soloist in various countries around the world, and has served on the faculty of Southern Adventist University since 1993 as a professor of voice, vocal pedagogy, singer's diction, and vocal performance. She also directs "On Wings of Song," a student outreach group that presents acapella choral concerts for the elderly in their homes.

NEVILLE PETER was diagnosed with glaucoma at an early age, and was completely blind by the age of 12. He was raised in a Seventh-day Adventist Christian home, but strayed away from God in his youth. While in college, he was voted National National College Jazz Male Vocalist of the Year by Downbeat Magazine. In 1998, Neville gave his life and career completely to God, and has since penned more than 100 gospel songs. His music was featured on a gospel project by the legendary vocalist Gladys Knight, and his music videos have been featured on BET's Video Gospel Program. He has performed at the White House and Carnegie Hall, and has appeared on many television programs, including 3ABN Presents, TBN's Praise the Lord, the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. Neville is very grateful to God for demonstrating His love by pursuing him when he was in the world. He is now looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

PACO RODRIGUEZ was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. As a child, he always had a passion for singing, and at the age of 14, he launched a wholehearted music ministry.
Since then, Paco has ministered to people at churches, camp meetings, and retreats throughout the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. Paco’s dedication to ministry is an effort to spread God’s blessing and to win souls for His soon second coming.

NICOLE TOLEDO & KARINE SANCHEZ were unexpectedly reunited after 15 years with no memory of or connection with each other. They bumped into each other 400 miles from the childhood church they attended together as little girls, never imagining then how God would bring their lives, families, and voices together as adults in North Florida. Their fervent prayer is that God may use their humble talents to bring others closer to Him.

RON WOOLSEY is a minister of the gospel and a member of Coming Out Ministries. He is the author of the book, That Kind Can Never Change! Can They...? under the pen name of Victor J. Adamson. Ron is also a recording artist and concert musician, sharing the beauty of holiness through his music, and the story of his extreme conversion so that others may know that nothing is impossible with God.