All attendees, exhibitors, and exhibitor assistants must register. Some policies have changed this year, so please read all information below that pertains to your status and rate as an attendee or exhibitor before completing the registration process.

NOTE: Exhibitors are urged to order items such as shipping/drayage services, additional booth furniture, plants, booth cleaning services, electricity, audiovisual equipment, and Internet services well in advance of the convention. The Exhibit Hall will be carpeted this year. (See link below for Exhibit Services, Inc.)

     FRAUD ALERT: Convention Lodging & Reservations - Please read...

2013 Convention Guide



Registration Includes:  The first exhibitor space registration includes one primary exhibitor registration (all meetings), one meal packet (7 vegetarian/vegan meals), and one assistant registration (meals not included).

Space Options: Three space options are offered.

     Quad Space — A separate four-space island at the front of each row (9 four-space Quads available).
     Endcap Space — The four single spaces in each row behind Quads (36 available/two on each end). SOLD OUT!
     Regular space — Exhibit spaces beyond Quads and Endcap spaces

Each exhibiting organization must register separately for booth space. An organization MAY NOT register for more than one space and share that space with other non-registered organizations. Non-registered exhibitors WILL NOT be permitted in the Exhibit Hall.

     Rates & Registration
     Exhibit Hall Floor Plan
(downloadable PDF)

     Exhibit Services, Inc.

     Cooking, Sampling, Selling & Food Storage Form
     2013 Exhibitor List

Registration Rates:

     ASI Members
          Quad + 4 Assistants — $2,545 (early); $2,565 (on-site)
          Front Endcap + 1 Assistant — $815 (early); $835 (on-site) SOLD OUT!
          Additional Front Endcap — $510 (early); $510 (on-site) SOLD OUT!
          Regular Space + 1 Assistant — $765 (early); $785 (on-site)
          Additional Regular Space — $460 (early); $460 (on-site)  
          Additional Assistant — $130 (early); $150 (on-site)  

          Quad + 4 Assistants — $3,020 (early); $3,040 (on-site)
          Front Endcap + 1 Assistant — $960 (early); $980 (on-site) SOLD OUT!
          Additional Front Endcap — $620 (early); $620 (on-site) SOLD OUT!
          Regular Space + 1 Assistant — $910 (early); $930 (on-site)
          Additional Regular Space — $570 (early); $570 (on-site)  
          Additional Assistant — $165 (early); $185 (on-site)  

No attendee is registered and no exhibit space is reserved until registration fees have been PAID IN FULL. ASI reserves the right to deny an exhibitor's application or withdraw approval of an exhibitor at any time.

Member Rates:  To register at member rates, ASI membership must have been approved before June 1, 2013, and 2013 membership dues must be paid in full. 


By registering as an exhibitor, you agree to the following:

  1. We understand that leased booth space(s) is for our use only and not to be sublet or shared with another person or entity.
  2. We agree not to engage in commercial or secular activities during Sabbath hours.
  3. We will promote a positive and supportive position toward ASI and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  4. We understand that solicitation of financial donations is limited to the exhibit hall.
  5. We understand that distribution of any promotional material is limited to the exhibit hall.
  6. We understand that ASI approval of our exhibitor application is not an endorsement of our product(s) or service(s).
  7. We understand that ASI is not responsible for damage or loss to our exhibit or belongings.
  8. We have read all exhibitor information, requirements, and commitments pertaining to exhibitors and registration and agree to comply.
  9. We have read and agree to the ASI Cancellation Policy.
  10. We will not serve food or drink samples at the convention without obtaining prior approval.
  11. We understand that no outside food or drinks are to be brought into the Exhibit Hall.
  12. We have read and will comply with all Policies & Procedures (below) pertaining to the Convention Center.


     Wednesday, Aug. 7
          9:00-10:30 p.m.

     Thursday/Friday, Aug. 8–9
          11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
          *9:00-10:30 p.m.

     Sabbath, Aug. 10
          *2:00-4:00 p.m.
          9:00-10:30 p.m.

     *Non-commercial exhibits only during Sabbath hours.


Part of our witness as Christians, Seventh-day Adventists, and ASI members is how we act and interact within the Rosen Shingle Creek facilities and with other vendors and residents in the Orlando area. Your compliance with all Rosen Shingle Creek policies and procedures, including those listed below, is much appreciated.

Bus Lanes:  Parking of vehicles in the bus lane located outside the Convention Center is strictly prohibited.

Emergency & Public Safety:  Immediately report any accident that occurs or first aid that is rendered to an attendee during the convention by calling the Emergency Number (*55) using one of the black emergency phones located in the Convention Center foyers and hallways.

Exclusive Services:  All convention exhibitors and attendees must wear their ASI-issued identification badges or risk being denied entry to or being expelled from the convention facility. Badges must include the name of the wearer and the name of the organization represented.

Identification Badges:  All attendees, exhibitors, and exhibitor assistants must wear ASI-issued identification badges while attending general sessions, seminars, and youth programs, as well as when visiting the Exhibit Hall. Identification badges are provided to registered attendees, exhibitors, and exhibitor assistants at the convention registration desk. Local guests may attend evening meetings, evening exhibits, and all day Sabbath without identification badges. Badges will be checked by convention attendants at the entrance to the main session hall, seminar rooms, and Exhibit Hall.

Move-in & Move-out:  All move-in and move-out of exhibits must be through designated loading docks, freight doors, and freight elevators. The main lobbies, exhibit hall doors, escalators, and passenger elevators are not to be used for this purpose.

Gratuities:  The Rosen Shingle Creek gift policy strictly prohibits any Convention Center employee from accepting any gifts, gratuities, loans, favors, or any other items of value from parties doing business with the Convention Center.

Dining Hall / Outside Food & Beverage:  Food and beverages served in the dining hall must be consumed in the dining hall and may not be removed. No outside food and beverages may be brought into the Exhibit Hall or Meeting Rooms.

Loading Docks:  Parking is strictly prohibited in all loading dock areas. The dock area is for unloading, loading, deliveries and emergencies only. All vehicles in violation will be towed, without notice at the owner's expense. Licensee, exhibitor and attendee parking is available in surface parking lots. Inform the attendant on the way out of the parking lot that you are an ASI Attendee and you will not be charged for parking.

Prevention of Facility Damage & Disfigurement:  Only Convention Center personnel are authorized to operate portable walls and overhead dock doors, turn on or off lights, adjust air conditioning, or lock or unlock doors.

Public Space Facility Furniture:  The lounge furniture and/or plants located throughout the public areas in the facility are not designed to be moved.

Stickers, Helium Balloons, Confetti & Knives: The use or distribution of stickers, helium balloons, confetti, and knives is not permitted at the Convention Center.

Sign Hanging & Ceiling Rigging:  No signs, banners, or similar items are to be affixed to the Exhibit Hall, General Session, or Convention Center walls.

Unattended Trucks & Trailers:  Unattended trucks and trailers are subject to towing at the owner's expense if not parked in designated parking area.