A full-scale youth convention is planned for children and youth (ages 3-19), including daycare for tots (ages 0-2) during main meetings and seminars. The youth convention includes a wide variety of programs and activities.

Please register your children or youth using the regular registration process. Visit the Rates & Registration page for information and registration links, as well as information that applies to all attendees.

At the convention, after you have checked in at the main convention registration desk, visit the youth registration desk to finalize registration for your child or youth and to submit their Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form (scroll to bottom of page).


2014 Youth Convention Schedule-at-a-Glance

Children and youth divisions will participate in the main convention program on Friday Evening.


NURSERY  (Grand Gallery Overlook E)
Leader: Maria Tielens
The Nursery will be open during the seminars and evening meetings. It will be staffed with loving, caring staff members who will be delighted to play with and care for your little ones (ages 0–2).

KINDERGARTEN (Grand Gallery Overlook A  |  Craft Room B)
Theme: Soldiers for Christ
Leader: Connie Opeka
Kindergartners won’t want to miss a session as we learn through songs, activities, and crafts the benefits of joining the Lord’s army. We will learn about each piece of the armor of God and some of the character qualities vital to soldiers. From Bible heroes to Adventist pioneers, we will enjoy interesting stories of some of the “soldiers” who have gone before us. The great-great-granddaughter of Ellen White will be a special guest storyteller. It is our prayer that all will choose to enlist in the Lord’s army and cooperate with Him as He equips us.

PRIMARY (Grand Gallery Overlook C | Craft Room D)
Theme: Pioneer's Progress
Leader: Rachelle Alves
Join us on an amazing journey down “memory lane” as we study the history of our Adventist Pioneers. We will see our pioneers progress through the years as God brought them from The Great Disappointment to a Divine Appointment so that they could share the Three Angels’ Message with the world. We will hear stories from Ellen G. White’s relatives as they retell our history. We will sing pioneer songs, play pioneer games, and visit the historic Adventist Village. As we examine how God has led in the past, we will discover how God is still leading us today, giving us a purpose—a promise and faith for the future.

JUNIORS (River Overlook A | Craft Room B)
Theme: A Chosen Generation
Leader: Justin Torrosian
What does it mean to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian? Do we just belong to another one of the hundreds of churches in the world? What is so unique about our message and mission? Join us this year as we discover what it truly means to be a Seventh-day Adventist. Learn about the adventures of our pioneers, our incredible health secrets, and how to stand strong for Jesus in today’s world!

EARLITEENS (River Overlook C and D)
Theme: Theft-proof Identity
Leaders: Ron & Kimberly Kyle
One day on a mountainside, Jesus preached a profound sermon. Of all the things He could have talked about that day, He chose to tell the people about how He wanted to bless them and bring them happiness. During our time together, we’re going to take a look at each line of the Beatitudes and discover the attitude that Jesus is talking about every time He says, “Blessed are…”. Join us as we encounter the attitudes behind the Beatitudes in an inspiring and practical way!

YOUTH (River Overlook E and F)
Theme: “Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God”
Leaders: Gerry & Nancy Wagoner
We will look at the intricate ways that God has created us and explore some of the biblical truths that speak directly to our lives and to the world around us. “The rudder of the journey is vision, the fruit of maturity is joy, and the strength of youth is truth.”



In addition to regular registration, a Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form must be completed and submitted to the youth registration desk for each child ages 0-18 who will participate in the ASI meetings and offsite activities for children and youth. You may fill out the online form or download the form and bring it with you to the convention. Sign-up times:

     Wednesday, Aug. 6, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (across from adult registration booths)
     Thursday/Friday, Aug. 7 & 8, (during meeting hours in the Grand Gallery Overlook Hallway)

     Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form (submit form to the Youth Registration Desk)
     Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form  (online form) 


Youth for Jesus is an ASI-sponsored, youth-led evangelism campaign held each summer, usually in the city hosting the ASI Convention. Young people from the United States and around the world participate in this exciting program. Participants are involved in door-to-door evangelism, Bible studies, evangelistic meetings and more.

The 2014 ASI Youth for Jesus will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan from July 6 - August 10, 2014.

Find out more by visiting the Youth for Jesus website.