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June 2014

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Calling men with musical talent to join our ASI men's choir! The choir will be performing at the ASI International Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan August 6 to 9. Please sign up today!

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Register for the ASI International Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan August 6 to 9. Registration and hotel reservations are now open.

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“'To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them’ Isaiah 8:20. The people of God are directed to the Scriptures as their safeguard against the influence of false teachers and the delusive power of spirits of darkness

- Ellen G. White
 The Great Controversy, p. 593

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When I came to college I struggled intellectually and spiritually with explaining my beliefs in the existence of God. I've always believed in Him, but I've never really been asked to explain why I believed, and in college people are usually looking for factual evidence or a scientific explanation. The first event I went to that STRIDE coordinated was Dr. Subodh Pandit's, Come Search with Me series, where he talked about some scientific and biblical explanations as to how he came to believe in God and keep his faith as a Christian. Ever since then I've been inspired to deepen my understanding of my faith but I've also learned that I don't have to be able to explain everything in order to still believe in today's society... Read more

New Website to promote the Mission Study Bible with Ellen G. White commentary.

The Mission Study Bible
The Word of God is quick and powerful. These words could never be more powerful than when uttered in reference to the Mission Study Bible published by Mission Publishing and distributed by Oklahoma Academy (Harrah, OK). This King James Version (KJV) study Bible has proven to be a blessing not only to Oklahoma Academy students but to many others around the world... Read more

The Inspiration behind HIPCARE

HIPCARESome years ago I was appointed as liaison to the President Carter Center’s interfaith health program. As one of the newest faculty members at Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia), I was somewhat surprised by the appointment, but recognized that God had opened a door of opportunity... Read more

Remnant Publications Blankets Manhattan With The Great Controversy 

Remnant PublicationsLast spring Justin Montero, a New York City Bible worker, began noticing a strange phenomenon. Everywhere he went, people were reading The Great Controversy! People on the subway, people in taxis, people walking down the street—everywhere he saw people reading The Great Controversy... Read more

Laurelbrook’s New President

LaurelbrookLaurelbrook School (LBS), located on a mountain just above the birthplace of Southern Adventist University (Dunlap, Tennessee), has been training high school youth in a practical work-study program since 1950.

Earlier this year Laurelbrook’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to move the school and institutional administration in a new direction... Read more

Haiti Helpers 1In 2012 Haiti Helpers received a $14,000 grant from ASI to replace roofs on the homes of widows with children. The project developed as we visited and prayed with local widows. One of their regular prayer requests was for their roofs. Old banana leaf roofs leak when it rains, and since it rains every day in Haiti, nothing inside their homes ever dried out.

We realized we needed to "put feet” on our roof prayers when one widow said she had to sleep standing up holding her baby when it rained at night. Her four-year-old would stand up to sleep only after rain water puddled on the floor and ran into his ears. Hearing that story marked the birth of our tin roof project!

Haithi Helpers 2

We partner with a team of volunteers here in Haiti that put these roofs on for free. We “pay” them with one meal a day while they are working. The materials are delivered to our in-country coordinator’s house, and families of each widow collect the materials and deliver them to her home. The total cost for an installed roof is $300.

Since 2012 we have completed more than 60 roofs. The grateful widows tell us of the many ways that dry homes and sturdy roofs have changed their lives. Haiti Helpers and its widows send a big thank you to ASI for its generous funding and tin roofs!
Brenda & Michael Cooper 

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