A full-scale youth convention, consisting of a wide variety of programs and activities, is planned for children and youth (ages 3-19), including daycare for tots (ages 0-2) during main meetings and seminars.

Please register your children or youth using the regular registration process. Visit the Rates & Registration page for information and registration links, as well as information that applies to all attendees.

At the convention, after you have checked in at the main convention registration desk, visit the youth registration desk to finalize registration for your child or youth and to submit their Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form (see below).


Karen Jensen, Ph.D. (Kindergarten–Juniors) became a Christian after studying evolutionary biology to the master's degree level. Armed with her life-long appreciation for nature, she soon began recognizing the truth about creation during the course of her studies. Specializing in fossils and earth history, she enjoys sharing evidence for creation, the fall, and the biblical flood with audiences from elementary to college age.

Mark Howard (Earliteen & Youth) is an ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and director of the Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism, a school that specializes in intensive practical soulwinning training programs for laypersons and ministers alike. He is also the senior pastor for the Adventist church in Gobles, Michigan, where he currently lives with his wife, Stephanie, and their two children, Caleb and Annie. Pastor Howard is known for his clear, enthusiastic presentation style and for his practical, timely messages.


2012 Youth Convention Schedule

Children and youth divisions will participate in the main convention Friday Evening Session.


In addition to regular registration, a Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form must be completed and submitted to the youth registration desk for each child ages 0-18 who will participate in the ASI meetings and offsite activities for children and youth. You may fill out the online form or download the form and bring it with you to the convention. Sign-up times:

     Wednesday, Aug. 8, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (across from adult registration booths)
     Thursday/Friday, Aug. 9 & 10, (during meeting hours in Room 235)

     Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form  (submit completed form to the Youth Registration Desk)
     Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form  (online form) 


     Youth for Jesus is an ASI-sponsored, youth-led evangelism campaign held each summer, usually in the city hosting the ASI Convention. Young people from the United States and around the world participate in this exciting program. Participants are involved in door-to-door evangelism, Bible studies, evangelistic meetings and more.

     The 2012 Youth For Jesus Program will be held in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, and the youth participants will be transported to the convention in Cincinnati at the end of the program.

     Find out more by visiting the Youth for Jesus website.