Fountainview Academy's DVD series "Steps to Christ in Song" received special attention on a trans-Pacific flight from Japan to the United States last month. 

Don Folkenberg, a date block manager for ShareHim, was traveling home to a family memorial service after supervising a Fountainview senior class mission trip in Sabah, East Malaysia. He had used a mileage upgrade certificate to secure a first class seat. During the flight, fellow passengers and several flight attendants noticed the DVD playing on Folkenberg's laptop and asked if they could hear the music.

"Steps to Christ in Song" includes 13 half-hour episodes of testimonies and songs, along with printed and audio versions of the book Steps to Christ by Ellen White. The Fountainview choir and orchestra filmed the music for the DVD in various outdoor settings in national parks.

"As I was watching the DVD on my laptop, I noticed people were stopping and watching behind my seat. I turned to them, asking if I could help," said Folkenberg. "They said they wished they could hear the music and so, since I had already watched the complete set between Singapore and Japan, I passed my headset to them so they could all take a turn. Needless to say, the music is fantastic, along with the narrative in between."

Because congregating in the aisles during flights has been forbidden since 9/11, the flight attendants discussed options for allowing the other passengers to view the DVD. Folkenberg had already viewed most of the series, so he gave his set to the flight attendants, who mentioned the possibility of including it in the plane's central movie system or viewing it in the flight attendant break room.

When Folkenberg suggested they pass everything by the flight captain to make sure no one got in trouble, one of the attendants stated that, just like on a ship, the flight captain has the final say with regard to what occurs on a flight—including what is shown. One attendant observed that the onboard air marshall might object, but another said the air marshalls are present only to ensure flight security.

While the DVD was viewed by Folkenberg's fellow first class passengers, he did not verify whether it was also shown in coach class.

"Those who watched the DVDs on my laptop loved them and were asking how they could order a set for themselves," said Folkenberg. "I gave them the website where they could get this same set, along with other DVDs produced by Fountainview."

Folkenberg said the other passengers seemed especially impressed to know there was a "boarding school that was able to help in molding young lives in such a way as to [produce] something like this." He later shared the story with the Fountainview students who had been with him in Sabah. Some had complained about the work and travel involved in producing the "Steps to Christ" project and said they were sure "no one would ever watch it."

He told them, "No one ever knows the effect that a project like this can have on those who are able to see it." He said he was an innocent bystander or maybe a tool in the story, and that "the DVDs totally spoke for themselves."

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