Project Report: Mauritius Island

Warm-hearted greetings from Mauritius Island, where we have been living for one month. We've employed this time to settle in, and are now preparing to minister to the Mauritian people.

We have obtained a work permit to do volunteer work in the area of health prevention. We have received permission to present health expos, five-day stop smoking programs, cooking classes and diabetes seminars in community centers, women's centers, and town halls.

We are preparing booklets to print regarding disease prevention and treatment, and healthy lifestyles. We are also putting together a booklet on cooking that is especially adapted to Mauritius Island residents. We want to use money generously donated to print and sell booklets to make a profit that will support our ministry efforts here on the island. We will continue to depend on God for our material support.

We plan to establish an association called Omega Health ("Omega-Santé in French) that will head our activities in collaboration with League Vie et Santé.  We want to form a working team with Sanjay Bandu, the conference health and temperance representative, and with all who wish to participate voluntarily.

We began visiting our Adventist churches in the area to arouse interest and offer weekend training seminars for church members. We have already presented five-day stop smoking programs and other informational meetings regarding the dangers of tobacco and alcohol in a pilot school on the south part of the island. We also participated in the annual convention for colporteurs. Several people have expressed interest in being "partners" in medical missionary work. 

A big work and many challenges are in front of us, and we need continued guidance concerning where to begin. We invite all to pray with us that the Lord will continue to open doors for service. The Republic of Mauritius has many people representing many different cultures—Creole, Indian, European, and Chinese—and many different religions—Hinduism, Islam, Catholic and Protestant Christianity. The various groups intermingle peaceably and seem to share a sense of mutual acceptance and understanding. The strong, centralized government exercises severe discipline resulting in order among these very strong and otherwise conflicting cultures.

A campaign is currently in full swing to elect a new government. We are using this time to prepare for future activities, as we are not allowed to organize public events during the election season. Even biblical conferences have had to be postponed.

Dear friends, God also has his children here on Mauritius Island. Thank you for donating to our missionary work, which includes the "right hand" of the gospel (health education), and for praying for our efforts.

May the Lord bless you all,

Rafael & Guylaine Font Piquer


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