2016 Meetings & Events List

Final meal guarantees must be received 7 days prior to your event. If the guarantee is not received, the estimated attendance becomes the guarantee for minimum billing purposes. The guarantee is not subject to reduction within 7 days. Special meal requests must be included in your final guarantee with the guest’s name and nature of the special request (ie. allergies). Please do not include vegan requests as every meals will have this option. Any special meals requested the day of the event will be charged over and above the guaranteed amount as well as a possibility of a wait for that meal.

This is a list of the additional meetings and events scheduled during the 2016 ASI International Convention, Phoenix, Arizona.

Meeting Name Time Date Room Assignment
Amazing Facts 9:00AM Fri. 8/5/2016 Hyatt - Remington
AMEN 12:00PM Fri. 8/5/2016 Hyatt - Phoenix Ballroom
Andrews University Regional Event 6:00PM Thurs. 8/4/16 Hyatt - Regency CD
ASI Board Meeting 8:00AM Tues. 8/2/16 Hyatt -Ellis
ASI Chapter Presidents, Officers and Secretary-Treasurers 1:00PM Tues. 8/2/16 Hyatt - Ellis
ASI Lake Union Board Meeting 12:00PM Fri. 8/5/2016 Hyatt - Cowboy Artist Room
ASI Missions Inc. 5:00PM Mon. 8/1/16 Hyatt - Ellis
ASI NW Chapter Meeting  4:00PM Fri. 8/5/2016 Hyatt - Board Room
ASI Office 7:00AM Sun. 7/31 - Sun. 8/7 Hyatt - Lobby Conference
ASI Past Presidents Supper 5:30PM Fri. 8/5/16 PCC - Room 132
ASI Southern Union Board 10:00AM Fri. 8/5/2016 Hyatt - Borein AB
ASI SW Chapter Meeting 12:15PM Thurs. 8/4/16 Hyatt - Phoenix Ballroom
Asian Aid USA 11:30AM Fri. 8/5/2016 Hyatt - Regency A
Celebrating Prison Ministries 12:00PM Thurs. 8/4/16 Hyatt - Curtis AB
Division Presidents, ASI Board & Invitees 10:30AM Fri. 8/4/16 PCC - Room 229 A
Division Presidents, ASI Board & Invitees Supper 5:30PM Fri. 8/5/16 PCC - Room 132
GC Meeting and Division Presidents 3:30PM Fri. 8/5/16 PCC - Room 229
International Breakfast 7:30AM Fri. 8/5/2016 PCC - Room 132
It Is Written Partnership Lunch 12:00PM Fri. 8/5/2016 Hyatt -Regency CD
It Is Written SPARK Bible School Seminar 2:00PM Sat. 8/6/16 Hyatt -Phoenix Ballroom
NAD ADMIN - Day 1 2:00PM Thurs. 7/28/16 Hyatt - Remington AB
NAD ADMIN - Day 2 8:00AM Fri. 7/29/16 Hyatt - Remington AB
NAD ADMIN - Day 3 8:00AM Sat. 7/30/16 Hyatt - Remington AB
NAD ADMIN - Day 4 8:00AM Sun. 7/31/16 Hyatt - Remington AB
NAD ARIM Advisory Sun. 8/7/16 Hyatt - Curtis AB
NAD Hispanic Evangelism Committee 8:30AM Wed. 8/3/16 Hyatt - Curtis AB
NAD Hispanic Task-Force 4:30PM Tues. 8/2/16 Hyatt - Curtis AB
NAD Jewish Advisory 8:30AM Tues. 8/2/16 Hyatt - Curtis AB
NAD Leadership Development 6:00PM Mon. 8/1/16 Hyatt - Russell A
NAD Leadership Development 8:00AM Tues. 8/2/16 Hyatt - Russell A
NAD Leadership Development 8:00AM Wed. 8/3/16 Hyatt - Russell A
Family First Radio 2:00PM Fri. 8/5/16 Hyatt - Curtis
NAD Secretaries Council 6:00PM Wed. 8/3/16 Hyatt - Russell
NADOUP 8:30AM Thurs. 8/4/16 Hyatt - Ellis
New Member Breakfast 7:30AM Thurs. 8/4/16 PCC - Room 132
President's Cabinet 8:30AM Wed. 8/3/16 Hyatt - Borein AB
Stan's Office 5:00AM Mon. 8/1 - Sat. 8/6 Hyatt - Moran
Strategic Planning - Day 1 12:00PM Sun. 7/31/16 Hyatt - Phoenix Ballroom
Strategic Planning - Day 2 8:00AM Mon. 8/1/16 Hyatt - Phoenix Ballroom
Total Member Involvement 2:00PM Fri. 8/5/2016 PCC - Room 229B
Union Treasurers 6:00PM Wed. 8/3/16 Hyatt - Remington
Washington Adventist University Alumni 5:00PM Thurs. 8/4/16 Hyatt - Borein AB
Young Professional Luncheon 12:00PM Fri. 8/5/16 PCC - Room 132
Youth Convention Staff Breakfast 7:30AM Wed. 8/3/16 Hyatt -Remington
Youth Convention Staff Training 7:00PM Tues. 8/2/16 Hyatt -Remington