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Inspirational and practical seminars for evangelists and aspiring evangelists.

Golden Rule by David Asscherick

Living Waters by Ken Cox

My Father's Business by Shawn Boonstra

Sharing Your Faith by Doug Batchelor

Why Evangelism? by Mark Finley

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Peru Project Inc. Much happened in 2014. In January we held a six-week training intensive for young adults (ages 18 to 35) from the jungle. Pastor Rosendo and a variety of other pastor...  More

One Day Church


The day was hot, like it is before the rains come. The coming of rain is the coming of promise. The earth is revived with the coming of the rain in November, the trees get their leaves, the grass ...  More

Return to life – Monica’s story


When Monica arrived at Kibidula’s Wellness center we learned that she had been suffering with diabetes type 2 for 16 years.Monica had been a successful woman as a business person and then she...  More