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Reviews by Mark Finley: 

In this series, Mark Finley summarizes the sermons from the New Beginnings DVD. This series of reviews introduces the sermons, looks at the significant emphasis points,  points out the key texts for each sermon, and  suggests appeals to present at the end of each.  "Introduction to Evangelism" will briefly cover the basic principles of preaching, explain how to relieve anxiety, how to present truth, how to present appeals, and briefly explains the difference between a sales person and a lay evangelist.

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#0 Introduction to Evangelism

#1 How to Know the Future

#2 Signs You Can't Ignore

#3 The Great Escape

#4 By Chance or Design

#5 Secrets of Ancient Scrolls

#6 Why So Much Suffering?

#7 One Life Changed the World

#8 Born to Live Forever

#9 Facing the Judgement with Confidence

#10 What Happened to Right and Wrong?

#11 Created for Something Better

#12 Millions Fooled by a Myth

#13 Turn Back the Clock

#14 What Happens When You Die?

#15 Evil in Chains

#16 When the Smoke Clears

#17 Making a New Start

#18 The Battle for the Throne

#19 The Great Pretender

#20 Forever Marked

#21 Let Freedom Ring

#22 Set Free by the Truth

#23 Messages from Beyond the Stars

#24 An Investment You Can't Lose

#25 Surviving the Coming Tribulation

#26 The Best is Yet to Come


Sermon Cards 

Each sermon card has the name of the corresponding sermon. These should be presented to the audience attending the sermons.  

#5 Secrets of Ancient Scrolls

#8 Born to Live Forever

#12 Millions Fooled by a Myth

#16 Making a New Start

#19 Set Free by the Truth

#22 So Many Choices


Other Tools

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¡Entrénalos Ahora! (New Beginnings Spanish Training)

Ellen G. White's Book, Evangelism

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