New Materials for the GC Session

A new online version of New Beginnings will be published on June 30, 2015. Check back soon. 

New version of New Beginnings available!

ASI is pleased to present New Beginnings v2. This new and improved version of the New Beginnings evangelism program builds on the strong foundation of the original New Beginnings DVD series, offering the same attractive multi-media experience, broad biblical and historical documentation, and persuasive dialogue as the original program.

The new series is shorter—by 20-25%—and has numerous new introduction and appeal stories. More than 150 dated photographs have been replaced with contemporary or timeless graphics, and sample prayers and appeals have been added to each sermon. The appeals are carefully designed to incorporate an appropriate variety of appeal types. Appeal cards are also provided for use with the card calls. The new sermons are shorter, stronger, and easier to present.

In addition to the updated content, New Beginnings v2 is being offered in a variety of formats beyond the original DVD. Presenters can now, free of charge, download PowerPoint and Keynote files for presentation on computer, tablet, or iPad. The script notes are already in the presenter notes field, allowing paperless delivery—the preferred method for many. With the speaker notes already embedded in the presentation, you won't need to carry a notebook.

ASI leaders don't just want to make New Beginnings v2 available; they want it to be used! From ASI servers to your devices, and from your lips into the hearts of friends, neighbors, coworkers, and attendees, it is the prayer of ASI leaders that God will use these materials to prepare many for His kingdom.

Use the links below to download the new presentation files.

KEYNOTE (Mac or iPad)
The set of 25 sermons has been split into four ZIP files for download:
Double-click on the links above to extract the files and then open them in Keynote. To import them onto your iPad, follow these steps:
  1. Connect your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes.
  2. In the Sidebar, click on the link for your iPad.
  3. Click the Apps tab on the top (not the Apps in the Sidebar).
  4. If you have Keynote installed on your iPad, it will show up in the lower part of that window - scroll down and click on Keynote.
  5. Add the Keynote files to the box to the right of Keynote.
  6. Once complete, open Keynote on your iPad and click the [+] button in the top left.
  7. Click "Copy from iTunes" and select the files your copied over in step 5 above. 


POWERPOINT (Windows or Mac):
The set of 25 sermons has been split into four ZIP files for download:
Double-click on the links above to extract the files and then open them in PowerPoint.


There are suggested response cards that are part of the presentations.  We've collected these into a ZIP file for download:

Version 1 Users:

If you are still using the original DVD series, below is a link to the DVD Training Manual:

Train Them Now! New Beginnings DVD Training Manual (PDF)
Welcome & Introduction
Evangelism God's Way: Union of Pastors & Laity
The Power of the Holy Spirit & Intercessory Prayer
How To Get an Audience
Organizing Your Meetings
Science of Effective Visitations
ASI Experiences in Lay Evangelism
Let the Holy Spirit Empower You
Elements of Effective Appeals
Getting Decisions
Preparing Candidates For Baptism
Appendix A–Sample Training Schedule
Appendix B–Soul-winning Sermons
Appendix C–New Beginnings Sermons
Appendix D–Commitment Forms
Appendix E–Train the Trainer Application Form & Checklist
Appendix F–Setting Up Equipment & How To Use the Program

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