Continuing and newly elected ASI officers were introduced on Sabbath evening at the 2015 ASI International Convention in Spokane, Washington. 

— Steve Dickman

General Vice President — Andi Hunsaker
Secretary-Treasurer — Kyle Allen
Vice President for Finance – Brenda Palmer
Vice President for Evangelism — Norman Reitz
Vice President for MembershipDenzil McNeilus
Vice President for Communication — Wayne Atwood
Vice President for Logistics — Craig Harding
President of ASI Missions Inc. — Harold Lance

Steve Dickman, and his wife, Brenda, have partnered in the educational supporting ministry work for 20 years. Steve was part of the leadership team for the ASI Southern Union chapter for 15 years, serving as president for 6 of those years. He is currently the president of Harbert Hills Academy in Savannah, Tennessee.

Andi Hunsaker and her husband, Bob, are both physicians and graduates of Loma Linda University School of Medicine. They make their home in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Andi practices medicine full-time at a major teaching hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a regular Sabbath school teacher in her home church in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and has a passion for the Word of God.

Norman Reitz is a practicing California attorney.  He and his wife, Gail, are actively involved in lay evangelism and training to use the New Beginnings for evangelism.  Has served as Chapter President of Pacific Union, ASI National General Vice President and President.  His goal is to translate the revised New Beginnings into many new languages and to make ASI relevant to church life and growth in the North American Division.


Kyle Allen is Secretary/Treasurer of Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries. Before working for ASI he was the senior pastor of the Mentone Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mentone, California. He is a graduate of the seminary at Andrews University. He is passionate about the role of lay people in finishing the work. He attended the Youth for Jesus program sponsored by ASI. He has a passion for evangelism and in engaging young adults in mission.

Brenda Palmer is manager, Palmer Handrail & Custom Millwork. Brenda moved to Mississippi to help build a church plant. Their family business grew out of a need to employ new Adventists and finance a church school. Christian education and personal evangelism continues to be a driving force in their lives as their construction work takes them nationwide. Brenda has recently been elected as VP for Finance for ASI.


Wayne Atwood
lives in Québec, Canada, where he has been a business owner and entrepreneur. He is currently president of Better Living (Mieux Vivre), a supporting ministry that produces French radio and television programs. He and his wife Isabelle are the parents of three children. He speaks fluent English and French. Wayne is passionate about sharing Christ in his marketplace. 

Craig Harding originally from Alaska, Craig was elected as Vice President for Logitics in August 2015. He is also Vice President of Business and Development for Outpost Centers International.

Denzil McNeilus is the owner of Sterling State Bank. He resides in Dodge Center, Minnesota. Denzil is a past president of ASI. He continues to serve on the ASI Missions Inc. board. Denzil and his wife, Donna, also a past president of ASI, are parents to three children. Their passion is sharing Christ with others around the world. Their involvement with ASI extends back many years.

Harold Lance lives with his wife, Joan, in Spokane, Washington. They have three children and eight grandchildren. He practiced law in California for 32 years, and also served in the army as a special agent for the Counter Intelligence Corps. After retirement, he served for nine years as president of Outpost Centers International. He is also a past president of ASI and serves as president of ASI Missions Inc.

Additional ASI Board Members

NAD President — Dan Jackson
NAD Assistant to the President — Kenneth Denslow
NAD Secretary — G. Alexander Bryant
NAD Treasurer — G. Thomas Evans
NAD Appointees — Duane McKey & Gary Thurber
Union Chapter Presidents
Lela Lewis, MD (Pacific Union)
          Floyd Courtney (Southwestern Union)
          Greg Perry, DDS (Atlantic Union)
          Thomas Morrissey (Lake Union)
James Rafferty (North Pacific Union)
          Emanuel Pelote (Columbia Union)
          Barbara Taylor (Mid-America Union)
          Christopher Beason (Southern Union)
Immediate Past PresidentFrank Fournier
Members at Large — Dan Houghton and Rusty McKee

ASI Missions, Inc.

President — Harold Lance
Board Members
          Terry Anderson
          Ramon Chow
          Kenneth Denslow
          G. Thomas Evans
          Dan Houghton
          Dan Jackson
          Ellsworth McKee
          Rusty McKee
          Denzil McNeilus
          Garwin McNeilus
          Radim Passer
          Larry Romrell
          Volker Schmidt
          Blondel Senior
          Carroll Shoffner
          Stan Smith
          Debbie Young


Convention Coordinator
— Sharon Blumenberg

Exhibit Hall Coordinator — Mike Clark

Convention Site Selector/Housing Coordinator — Barb Schumacher

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