Project Report: Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen

Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen was designated to receive special projects offering funds collected during the 2007 ASI Convention.

The funds were earmarked to build both an Ellen G. White Study Center and facilities for a new health evangelism training program. The Ellen G. White Study Center was completed earlier this year, and, after six months of construction, a new cafeteria and administration building was completed in October 2009 that houses the new health evangelism program.

Bogenhofen's health evangelism program includes both NEWSTART® and certified medical massage therapy training. The new facilities include a medical massage therapy classroom large enough for approximately 24 students, a student locker room, a sauna, and a hydrotherapy training room. The massage therapy classroom is already in use. The hydrotherapy training room will soon be completed.

"We believe from the Spirit of Prophecy that in the future it will become more important to be able to reach the world thorugh our health message," says Thomas Küsel, Bogenhofen's managing director. "The time will come when it will be prohibited to talk openly about our faith. Then our sincere interest in the physical well being of other people will open a pathway to many souls: 'In new fields no work is so successful as medical missionary work. If our ministers would work earnestly to obtain an education in medical missionary lines, they would be far better fitted to do the work Christ did as a medical missionary' (Ellen G. White, Medical Ministry 239)."

Kusel wishes to thank ASI members for supporting the "new mission field" of Western Europe.

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