Project Report: RADIO 74

In 2008, ASI granted RADIO 74 a donation of $10,000 toward the construction of its new studio building in France. Following is a project report on that project:

"This building has been sorely needed. The station has operated during the past 14 years from a small basement. The greatest need has been for space to produce quality, dignified Christian radio and TV programming especially in the French language, as well as in English, for wide distribution on FM, digital radio, satellite, internet, CDs and DVDs. The new facility will more than quadruple floor space for studios and offices, as well as provide quarters for live-in staff, and mechanical and electronic workshops.

"First licensed in 1982 by the French government, RADIO 74 operates seven FM radio transmitters in Eastern France, with the majority of its listeners in adjacent Switzerland. By satellite, RADIO 74 reaches hearts and homes in some 75 countries of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, and is heard worldwide via the Internet.

"RADIO 74 receives an average of 10,000 letters and e-mails from listeners each year from around the world. RADIO 74 also produces and transmits a second program stream from its studios in France. That stream is heard in homes in some 25 countries of North, Central, and South America via satellite.  

"RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE is one of the three Adventist satellite networks in North america. It is carried by some 40 local Adventist FM stations in the United States. Seventeen FCC construction permits are in hand for new full-power FM stations in the United States, including several in Alaska, and two 100,000 FM stations in the Dakotas.

"This $1.5 million studio project has been a formidable challenge for RADIO 74 considering that its annual receipts rarely exceed $300,000. As a non-profit organization, it never borrows money and never goes into debt.

"Listeners have responded to appeals on the air and to our newsletters. We especially praise the Lord for a Protestant listener in Switzerland who this year spontaneously contributed $500,000 to the building project.

"We've now reached the halfway point. But half done is just begun. We continue to pray that God will soon provide the remaining $750,000 so that this badly needed building can be completed.  We would like to move in by October 2010. But this will depend on the remainder of the funds arriving by no later than late spring 2010.

"Walls for the second floor went up in November 2009. Next will come the cement slab for the third floor, hopefully to be poured during any break in this snowy winter. Hopefully, the roof will go on by spring. There is much work to do on the interior walls (including sound proofing), doors, and windows, as well as installing heating, plumbing, and electrical systems.

"The board of directors, the management, and the volunteer staff of RADIO 74 take this occasion to again thank ASI for their generous support of this ministry."

Kindest regards,

Ron Myers