The 2016 ASI International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, will feature seminars on a variety of topics.

Convention seminars are designed to encourage and equip those who attend to serve others and to share Christ in their workplaces and personal spheres of influence. Topics are both spiritual and practical, with plenty of opportunities for meaningful interaction. Presenters share points of personal conviction as well as from experience and training.

Personal Spiritual Enrichment

  • Pavel Goia - "Prayer" 
  • Mark Finley - "How to know the will of God"
  • Wes Peppers - "Absolute surrender"

Personal Evangelism

  • Tony Moore - "Footsteps of Jesus"
  • GLOW Team
  • Anil Kanda

Health & Family

  • Panel - "Finding the Balance Between Work, Family, Home, & Ministry" 
  • Maria & Edwin Nebblett - "Mentoring Godly Men"
  • Dr. Horst Mueller - "The Thought LIfe & its Relation to Disease" 
  • Dr. David DeRose - "Helping Hypertension, Healing Communities"

Business & Management

  • Jared Thurmon - "Business is my Religion" 
  • Dr. John Chung - "Race for the Crown" 
  • Panel - "What We've Learned in Business"

Non-profit Leadership

  • Dr. John & Sally Kelly - "Pros & Cons, How-to's and Personal Experiences with Non-Profits in Ministry"
  • Craig Harding & Steven Grabiner - "Working with Difficult People"
  • Dr. Viriato Ferreira
  • Laura Im, attorney - "Non-profits & HR Issues in Light of Current Laws"