The Old Model A
by Trenton Frost

In a tractor shed on a country farm
In old upstate New York,
Sat a relic cloaked in years of dust,
A ’29 Model A Ford.

My daughter and I’d just arrived from out West
To our home on St. Lawrence’s shore;
We had driven for miles on ol’ Route 66
Coming home to the place we adored.

Following up on a rumor we’d lately heard,
That the old Ford our family once owned,
Sat forlorn on a farm, out of sight and forgot,
Compelled us the farmer to phone.

“Yes, it’s still in the shed. Would he sell it? Don’t know,
He is out in the barn doin’ chores,”
Said the wife of the man we had sold the car to,
More than fifteen long years before.

After thousands of miles what were forty-one more?
We didn’t even unpack our bags!
The receiver hadn’t settled on the hook,
Before “Lisi” and I “hit the drags.”

We arrived at the farm at the dawning of dusk,
And the farmer welcomed us home,
How our hearts quickened beat as the door then he thrust,
And we’re into the tractor shed shown.

There in the dim of a single-bulb light,
Sat the car we had loved long ago,
’Twas the very same Ford I had bought for my boy,
A short while before God bid him go.


Once a memory long past, there it was in real life,
As we looked it all over once more,

And, except for the dust, it was just as it was,
When we owned it those long years before.

Daven learned how to drive at the young age of twelve,
’Round the meadows and farm roads of home,
The old Ford in those days had no fenders or doors,
Just a “doodlebug” as they were known.

Freddy our horse chewed the fill from the seats,
Vintage straw from the year ’29,
What a scolding he’d get when he’d snatch those rare treats,
But it didn’t change his thick Shetland mind!

Then one fall “Dad” returned with some fenders and parts,
From a car show at Hershey, PA,
And with a body provided by Uncle “Nano,”
’Twasn’t long ’fore we had us an “A”!

Then what good times were ours, what great family fun,
The church picnics, the outings and parades,
Country drives with the four-banger’s “Kackle-t-kack,”
The “Aaahooogah” horn’s sound through the glades.

Then some worthy cause needed funding one day,
And the “A” brought a right handsome sum,
Then small gifts divided between our two kids
The leftover change did become.

“Lisi” put her part toward a new violin,
Daven dreamed he’d invest in some gold,
But then his heart flipped o’er a Volkswagen bug,
And a boy-car romance did unfold.

As that summer gave way to the north country fall,
And Mom drove the kids into school,
A terrible crash took the life of our son,
’Twas a sad fate, so painful and cruel…


“How much do you want for the dusty old Ford?”
“I suppose what I paid you back then.”
“Then we’ll take ’er,” Lisi and I said to the farmer that eve,
Now she’s part of our family again!

Yes, that ol’ “time machine” took us back to the days,
Of our dear, close-knit family of four,
But, by far, the greatest comfort is found,
In the things our Lord yet has in store,

For Daven had trusted in God and the Day,
When His Son who once died for our sins,
Will return as a Prince to take us all home,
To that Land where tears won’t fall again!

Won’t you join us, dear friends, as we ready our hearts,
For that Day waiting just ’round the bend?
For our tickets were bought by Christ’s death on the cross,
Our dear soon-coming Savior and Friend.

Copyright © 2003 Trenton Frost

(Rev. Nov. 3, 2009)

Daven Jens Frost was born on May 16, 1972, two years after his older sister, Melissa Lee “Lisi” (Spanish spelling for “Lee-see”). His father, Trenton Frost, bought the "The Old Model A" in 1984 and gave the relic a homespun restoration in 1985. It was a black tudor convertible with apple green wire-spoke wheels. It was rugged and ran like a Swiss watch. It was assembled in one of Trenton's favorite styles using original, unrestored body parts to preserve its authentic, aged look and enabling the car to be enjoyed as a "driver." 

The car was sold a year later in 1987 to help a college student with his tuition. That fall, on October 20, 1987, Daven died on his way to school. The family later moved to California.

In the summer of 2002, Lisi and her father returned for a summer visit to the Frost seasonal home in Northern New York's St. Lawrence Valley where they rediscovered and bought back the old Ford. It remained a Frost family heirloom until the summer of 2009 when the Frost family was inspired to sell it to help sponsor two One-day Churches in Ecuador where Oriana’s parents had been missionaries from their native Chilé, S.A.  “Uncle Nano” (Fernando), one of Lisi and Daven’s favorite uncles mentioned in the poem, still resides in Santiago, Chilé.

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