Project Report: Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus

The Biblical World is a non-profit ministry dedicated to uplifting Jesus as the Messiah by bringing the pages of Scripture to life. It was founded in 2003 by Tony Moore, an ordained minister who formerly worked with It Is Written. The organization's mission is to produce new and compelling media that communicates the faith of Jesus to contemporary western-thinking people.

The organization was a recipient of 2008 ASI Convention special project funds to be used for the purpose of producing a 28-episode series, "Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus," on location in the Holy Land. Tony Moore shared the following project update on Nov. 17, 2009:

Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus Project Update

"Helen and I arrived in Israel on Thursday evening, November 13, for what we hope will be our final film shoot for the series Tracing The Footsteps of Jesus. This is my sixth trip to Israel since July 2007, and will mark over 21 weeks in the land working on this project.

"Our goal during this trip is to film the Passion of our Lord in Jerusalem and His subsequent resurrection from the dead. On a previous trip we filmed “Garden of the Oil Press” (episode 22) on Gethsemane, and did a partial teaching (episode 23) on the trial before Caiaphas focusing on Peter’s betrayal in the courtyard which we will need to complete.

"During this trip we will film an episode on the trial before Pilate and Herod (episode 24), then “The True Passion of the Christ” (episode 25) on the crucifixion. This will be followed by “Was It A Morning Like This” (episode 26), on Jesus burial in Joseph’s tomb and resurrection from the dead. Episode 27, “The Legacy of Jesus,” will be set in Emmaus and examine the joy of the resurrection as Jesus appears to His followers. And then we will conclude with episode 28, “Jesus In Jerusalem and Beyond,” focusing upon Jesus appearances to the disciples and what He has been doing since His ascension into heaven as our great heavenly priest. This episode will conclude the series by giving a fresh look at John 14 in the context of a first century middle eastern wedding.

"We will explore the meaning of life and death through the story of Lazarus at Bethany in “Dead Man Walking” (episode 19), and hope to shoot part of it inside the tomb of Lazarus. We will also film a thrilling episode on the Blessed Hope called “A Strange and Wonderful Promise” (episode 18) set in the context of the gospel teachings. I am really excited about the fresh approach of this teaching. The first time Jesus discusses His return is in the context of His Messianic teachings at Caesarea Philippi. So we will return to northern Galilee and share this part of the story at Banias. Then we will teach from a private garden on the Mount of Olives and conclude the episode at Mount Tabor, the traditional location of the transfiguration.

While 'the land' is like one giant film set, the environment is not always conducive to our program. I scheduled five days to allow sufficient time to search for settings that will permit us to tell the most wonderful story ever told with limited interruptions, before Frederic and Dolson arrive from Geneva this evening (November 17). We have found good locations and this has also given time to get over the ten hour time zone change from California and remove the puffy bags from under my eyes.

"Helen and I were joined on Friday afternoon by our daughter-in-law’s parents from Australia at the apartment on Hapalmach in Jerusalem. Bohdan is a great photographer and has been taking some great still photos for the series. The sun is not as intense this time of year as our July or even May shoots, so it should make for an easier time filming. The problem is that the sun sets around 4:30 in the afternoon. So we will have to be out the door by 5:30 each morning to get the nice early morning light and accomplish our goals.

The Ecce Homo Arch on the Via Dolorosa will be an excellent location to shoot sections of episodes 24 and 25. The lighting will be very difficult, so we will need to be here at dawn. It will be challenging using Gordon’s Calvary because of the proximity of the Arab bus station. Banias should be much easier in northern Galilee.

"In addition to scouting locations, we have shot additional background footage in Nazareth, Cana, and En Kerem and re-shot several stained glass windows in the churches in these towns. So it is with eager anticipation that we have been surveying and shooting pictures preparing for the filming of the most incredible and wonderful story ever told!"

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