2016 Youth Convention

A full-scale youth convention is planned for children and youth (ages 3-19), including day care for tots (ages 0-2) during main meetings and seminars. The youth convention includes a wide variety of programs and activities.

Please register your children or youth using the regular registration process. Visit the Rates & Registration page for information and registration links, as well as information that applies to all attendees.

At the convention, after you have checked in at the main convention registration desk, visit the Youth Office registration desk to finalize registration for your child or youth and to submit their Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form (scroll to bottom of page).


ProfileNursery, Room 121 B
The Nursery will be open during the seminars and evening meetings. It will be staffed with loving, caring staff members who will be delighted to play with and care for your little ones (Ages 0-2).

ProfileKindergarten, Room 125 AB
“Sky Stories”
Leader: Joyce Thornton
As we look into the heavens at night we see multitudes of beautiful stars. We will find stories about Jesus birth, death and resurrection in our time together. Songs, stories, crafts and walks will help us understand the SKY STORIES. Let us all learn to watch the heavens and pray, as we look forward to His soon return as the King of the Universe.

ProfilePrimary, Room 122 A-C
“Battle for the Brain”
Leader: Connie Opeka
Calling upon all Primaries to enlist in the ASI Prayer Force. We have a full program planned where we will learn about the battle for our minds. We will learn practical steps to protect ourselves through prayer. Our special guest speaker, Dr. Diane Burnett, will be explaining how the brain was created and how it can rewire itself for victory. These lessons will be reinforced throughout our program with helpful crafts and a special field trip to the W.O.N.D.E.R. Center (Walton Optimal Neurological Education and Research Center) at the Arizona Science Center. God told us to watch and pray and has wonderfully given us all the tools necessary, to win the battle!

ProfileJunior, Room 126 A-C
“Jesus With Me: Watch Jesus and Pray to Be Like Him!”
Leader: Pastor Christian Martin
Calling all Juniors to get ready for an amazing experience! A King is on His way to planet earth and the best and only way to prepare for His coming is to be His closest friend. We will see that by watching Him, we will become like Him and be transformed. This theme will take us to the incredible Butterfly Wonderland, the largest indoor butterfly paradise in the whole country. Home to thousands of butterflies from around the world that fly freely in a magnificent walk-in glass atrium. We will see how “transformation” happens in our off site activity, with some cool crafts and with special speakers that will share aspects of how our brain can be transformed. It will be fun and practical! You won't want to miss this ASI Junior experience! Bring your friends and join us as we look forward to the soon coming of Jesus.

ProfileEarliteen, Room 123
“Watch and Pray Throughout All Generations”
Leader: Julia Arroyo
Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, mankind has been watching and praying for the Saviour to come to earth and take us back home with Him. We are going to look at role models that will show us the importance AND the method of watching and praying that we especially need in these last days of earth's history. We are going to look deeply into the life of Christ and other Bible characters for the clues. We will also discover how faithful Christians in modern day history watched and prayed. We need to discover for ourselves the necessity of heeding Christ's warning to those living in end times to “watch and pray” and what that really means. Our special guest speaker will share his testimony which will thrill the Earliteens with the power of prayer. Faithfulness in perseverance will be illustrated in our Friday morning visit to the 15th best museum in the United States, the amazing Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.

ProfileYouth, Room 124 AB
“Holy Purpose: Finding Joy and Satisfaction Through the Fullment of a Sacred Calling”
Leader: Sean Nebblett
In an age of passive relativity, fashionable compromise and well-established moral shortcuts, what we want is not less and lower, but more. Much more!! More of the stuff that gave martyrs strength and left them deeply satisfied, even in the flames. More of that peace which defies understanding! More of the joy that stays strong in the darkness! More of the growl and grace that fuse together to make real spiritual warriors. The good news is...it is all at our fingertips. Better still, we've been told exactly how to make it our own. Our guest speaker will be addressing how our calling by God is a gift. On Friday morning, we will experience the Science Museum which will help us understand the functions and capacities of the brain that we need to understand to perform our sacred callings with efficiency. Come and join us!


Youth for Jesus is an ASI-sponsored, youth-led evangelism campaign held each summer. Young people from the United States and around the world participate in this exciting program.

This year Youth for Jesus will be in Beckley, WV from July 4th through August 7th, 2016. The first four weeks of the program are dedicated to workshops, community service, outreach, and evangelistic meetings. Week five will be spent taking part in community projects, outings and joining ASI in Phoenix, AZ.

In addition to regular registration, a Medical Release & Youth Activities Consent Form must be completed and submitted to the youth registration desk for each child ages 0-18 who will participate in the ASI meetings and offsite activities for children and youth. You may fill out the online form or download the form and bring it with you to the convention.